Bug 6794

make powerbuilder dialogs resizable 17 June, 2021

Miguel Leeuwe
16 June, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: IDE
Version: 2019 R3 Build: 2703
Classification: Enhancement Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Transferring Reason:
Ken Guo @Appeon 17 June, 2021
Hi Miguel,

Thanks for submitting this request. It’s true that there are still many windows in PB not resizable which makes it inconvenient to check them out.

Just like you said, Appeon has previously adjusted some PB commonly used dialog windows to make them resizable, such as System Options Window and Properties of Target Window, etc. But some uncommonly used windows still don’t support resizable. 

I will forward your suggestion to the product team again.

Sivaprakash BKR 17 June, 2021
PB 2019 R3 2703
1.  in any datawindow painter,  Select Insert -> Control -> Table Blob (or) OLE Database Blob selection
2.  A dialog box opens (as a response window), which we couldn't resize it.
Miguel Leeuwe 16 June, 2021
This is where Appeon claimed that "System dialogs are finally resizable! ", yeah, right .... ! 
Miguel Leeuwe 16 June, 2021
This is the previous request I made:
the idea was to make ALL dialog windows resizable.

Miguel Leeuwe 16 June, 2021
Here's another situation where resize is missing:
Miguel Leeuwe 16 June, 2021
Chris Pollach @Appeon 16 June, 2021
Hi Miguel;

  Thank you for these excellent suggestions. I will mark this ticket as an enhancement and forward this to the main Support / Engineering Team for their review.

Regards ... Chris
Miguel Leeuwe 16 June, 2021
olecontrol.png (17KB)

another image attached:
Miguel Leeuwe 16 June, 2021
why cannot adjust the width of the dw with the libraries.png (77KB)

I know that there's been an enhancement request in the past to make all dialog windows in powerbuilder resizable and that Appeon has marked that one as checked and was mentioned as an enhancement in one of the "What's New" in the past.
Regretfully, there are still some dialogs which have been left out.
For example, when you paste an olecontrol on a window and then choose the first or third tabpage, the names of the activex cannot be fully read. You have to select each one of them and read the description to know which one is which. (or at least add a horizontal scrollbar).
(BTW 'unregistering' any activeX there, closes the powerbuilder IDE).

There's more windows that should be adapted. Like for example the Library list, which shows the data, but it's hard to see all of the information, see attached image.
I'm not posting this as an enhancement request, because supposedly Appeon already completed the previous enhancement request (which they DID, but forgot some dialogs).
kind regards.

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