Bug 6722

PB2019R3 - PowerClient Missing Images 16 June, 2021

Chris Pollach @Appeon
04 June, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: PowerClient
Version: 2019 R3 Build: 2703
Classification: Issue Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Closed Reason: RESOLVED
Mark Lee @Appeon 16 June, 2021
Hi Chris,

Yes, this is very weird behavior.
Since this problem is resolved, we will close this ticket, if you have any other issues please open a new ticket.
Have a good day!

Mark Lee
Chris Pollach @Appeon 16 June, 2021
Hi Mark;

  I have also resolved this issue in PB2017R3 and PB2021 Beta by building the image based PBD using the RMB on the PBL and then selecting "Build Runtime Library". Then once that PBD was built, replace the image PBL with its PBD, redeploy and volia! - all the images now work.

  The strange thing like you found is that returning to the image PBL from the PBD and redeploying again from this point onward ... it now always works.

  So I am at a loss to explain this weird behaviour. I think that for now we can close this case as it might just be my STD Framework Demo App's "quirk" as I have no issues now in R3 or 2021 beta deploying the images using the PBL + PBR approach once again. Very weird - LOL!

Regards ... Chris
Mark Lee @Appeon 16 June, 2021
new test case
Mark Lee @Appeon 16 June, 2021
error pic

Hi Chris,

I deeply analyzed it and found that the root cause of it is that the resource files can't be found under PB IDE, so the images can't be included in the generated PBD (see the attachment).  
It is not easy to replicate it, you can try to redeploy the attached test case again and see if you can receive the error. Besides, once it is duplicated, you can't reproduce it anymore. However, if you modify the Resource File Name of the deployment configuration, replace OrderEntry.pbr with images.pbr, it works.

For your application, no matter whether you deploy an EXE or a PowerClient App, it should work after replacing the original the pbr file with images.pbr.

Mark Lee
Mark Lee @Appeon 07 June, 2021
Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting this problem.
We'll work on it and get back to you soon.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Mark Lee
Chris Pollach @Appeon 04 June, 2021
Note: Posting the R3 Apps to PB2021 then have the same issue. Performing the workaround in PB2021 for the PC's projects makes them work again as well.

Transferring to Engineering.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 04 June, 2021
PB2019R3_PBD_Images.png (35KB)

The workaround when this happens is to change the PBL that uses the PBR and point it to the separate PBD that can built from the IDE using the RHMB on the PBL. Once that is done and the PBL is swapped out for its corresponding PBD - the deployment now works image wise (see attached).

Another weird thing is that once the PBD deployment works, you can switch back to the PBL + PBR combination and the subsequent deployments work well images wise again. Seems to me that the PC/PS projects get a "disconnect" on the use of the PBL+PBR and swapping the PBL=<PBD=>PBL in the library list seems to "kick start" the image deployment & resolution again by the CAL. Very weird.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 04 June, 2021
*Phenomenon: When you deploy a PowerClient App that has an empty PBL used for images, the PC deployment does not include the images in the generated PBD.

*Reproduce Steps: Try the new STD Framework Demo App and deploy a PC App  using the included PC "Project". When you run the App, no images are displayed. Yet running from the IDE or an EXE works 100%.

Remarks: This is also the case for PC and PS2021 Apps in PB2021 beta as well!   :-(
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