Bug 6293

new MSOLEDB driver 64 bit crashing on update of datetime column 15 June, 2021

mike S
17 March, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Runtime
Version: 2019 R3 Build:
Classification: Issue Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Closed Reason: CANNOT REPRODUCE
mike S 08 June, 2021
i write software, so i know that having a test case that is easy to reproduce cuts down time spent by a lot.  I also know that in some cases it is very difficult if not impossible a customer to reproduce the problem on a consistent basis.  That is part of software.

I don't have any free time to work for appeon writing easy to reproduce test cases, especially for free.  I do take time out to provide as much information as possible to identify bugs and areas of improvement.   I won't do that anymore if they will just be ignored and closed.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 08 June, 2021
  More like cutting down the work that the Engineering Team has to do to replicate the problem. If they can get a test case right off the bat (vs having to build one themselves), they can directly focus on the area of concern. Right now, they are super, super busy on PB/PS2021 - so any help like a Test Case is really appreciated.  ;-)
mike S 08 June, 2021
that is one way to cut down on the number of bugs.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 08 June, 2021
Yes but preferably, we need a reproducible test case.   ;-)
mike S 08 June, 2021
no point in reporting bugs then?
Chris Pollach @Appeon 08 June, 2021
Hi Mike;

  Since you are not using this DB driver at the moment, I will now close this ticket. If in the future you retry this new DB driver and have the same issue(s), please open a new ticket.

Regards ... Chris
Chris Pollach @Appeon 07 June, 2021
Hi Mike;

  Yes unfortunately, a few other PB developers have reported issues as well with the new driver. However, their tickets are in the system to be reviewed by Engineering. Hopefully, these will be addressed in the next MR which "might" help your issue as well.

  Would you like me to close this ticket?

Regards ... Chris
mike S 07 June, 2021
i gave up using the new driver since it does not work .
Chris Pollach @Appeon 07 June, 2021
Hi Maike;

  We not heard from or received any updates on this issue. Are you still encountering this problem? 

Regards ... Chris
Chris Pollach @Appeon 04 June, 2021
Hi Mike;

  Yes, the "MSOLEDBSQL" is the new SS DB Client driver and the "SQLOLEDB" is the very old SS DB driver. 

  OK .. I see now that the issue you reported was with the new DB Driver. If you can attach your SQLCA settings and maybe an SQL Trace to this ticket, then I can forward this to engineering for further study. Many thanks in advance!

  BTW: Are you on PB2019 R3 build 2703?

Regards ... Chris
mike S 04 June, 2021
64 bit PB is supported and msqloledb is a supported driver, or is that not the case?
Chris Pollach @Appeon 04 June, 2021
Hi Mike;

  Since ODBC workaround seems to be OK. May we close this ticket?

Regards ... Chris
mike S 20 March, 2021
using the ODBC driver instead , the system does not crash with ODBC, just the new msqloledb driver in 64 bit
the crash does not create any logs.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 17 March, 2021
Hi Mike;

  Yes, the old OLE-DB driver is not available as a 64 bit driver.

  For the App crash ... do you have a mini-dump or an extract from the MS-Windows event log for this problem that you can attach to this ticket?

  Also, can you provide all the SQLCA settings that you were using when this happens. An SQL trace would be nice as well.

Many thanks in advance!

Regards ... Chris
mike S 17 March, 2021
converted a reporting process to 64 bit, and could not find the old oledb drivers in 64 bit which is what i am used to using and are ok for my app.  so switched to new microsoft MSOLEDB driver.
SELECTS work fine, updates on column types of numeric/decimal and varchar work fine.
updates on datetime are crashing the application, have not tried anything else because my main application is 32 bit.

*Reproduce Steps:
update a datetime column in 64 bit PB using the new MSOLEDB driver causes application crash.
32 bit does not have this problem.

crashes with datawindow OR embedded sql update statement.

trying to set ON pooling (other services on ok too i guess), but with mars off.  not 100% sure if this provider string is correct with the new driver because documentation on this is non-existent.

PROVIDERSTRING='database=***;APP=myapp',CommitOnDisconnect='No',DelimitIdentifier='No',PBTrimCharColumns='YES',StaticBind=1,DisableBind=1,OJSyntax='ANSI',PBMaxTextSize=32000,PBMaxBlobSize=1000000,PacketSize=8192,OLE DB Services=-1,'MARS Connection=False'
Database Type:
Microsoft SQL Server
Database Version: